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Ann Arbor Civil Appeal Attorney

Impartial, Unbiased Consultations

Impartial judgment and unbiased critical thinking, far more than passion, are key components of effective legal advocacy at the trial and appellate levels. Legal consumers deserve an intelligent, unbiased appraisal of their cases, not just a one-sided view.

Attorney Supanich of the Law Office of Gary P. Supanich provides clients with honest, unbiased assessments of their civil appeal cases. As a Michigan civil appeal lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, attorney Supanich provides legal consultation for clients at every stage of their cases:

  • Initial consultation — for clients who want to know whether they have a viable case
  • Mid-case assessment — for clients who are concerned that their current attorney is not handling things properly
  • Appellate consultations — for clients who need to either appeal a case or defend a winning case on appeal

"I'm offering something unique for people who are wondering if they have a civil case or who want to check to make sure their attorneys are handling things properly. I look into their cases for them and give them the opinion of an outside legal expert who is not as directly involved. This gives them peace of mind at a very low emotional and financial cost."

∙ Gary P. Supanich

Attorney Supanich represents clients in a range of civil appeals matters that include:

  • Family law appeals — Divorce, child custody
  • Constitutional appeals — Federal appeals and habeas petitions
  • Property and real estate appeals
  • Personal injury appeals — Auto accidents, professional negligence and medical malpractice
  • Employment law appeals — Discrimination, wrongful termination and contract disputes
  • Commercial litigation appeals — Contract disputes, antitrust and unfair competition
  • Intellectual property appeals — Copyright and trademark infringement
  • Insurance defense appeals


With 20 more than years of appellate law experience, attorney Supanich has a broad understanding of appellate law and many areas of civil litigation. This allows his law practice to provide services that are on the same level as those provided by large firms, but much more efficiently and at a higher value.

Ann Arbor Civil Appellate Lawyer ∙ 800-419-7310

To schedule a consultation with attorney Gary P. Supanich, call 800-419-7310 or contact the firm online.

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