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Ann Arbor Litigation Support Services Attorney

Assisting Trial Attorneys With State and Federal Court Appeals

Many trial attorneys do not have extensive experience handling appeals. As a result, they may not always develop a lower-court record that lays the basis for a successful appeal, should one be necessary. Success on appeal often begins with careful preparation beforehand in the trial court.

Gary P. Supanich is a Michigan appellate lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. He has successfully handled a wide range of civil in both state and federal courts Attorney Supanich also offers litigation support services to trial attorneys during the litigation process in the trial court, providing invaluable legal advice and consultation that may be necessary in preserving issues and arguments for a successful resolution of a case.

Litigation Support Services

The Law Office of Gary P. Supanich in Ann Arbor provides litigation support services, which include:

  • Trial strategy in anticipation of an appeal
  • Legal research
  • Case assessment to determine the viability of an appeal
  • Brief writing for lawyers unfamiliar with the appellate process

Contact the Law Office of Gary P. Supanich

A successful appeal often depends on thorough preparation. Waiting until after a trial to contact an appellant attorney may be too late.

To schedule a consultation with attorney Gary P. Supanich and learn how his litigation services can benefit you, call 800-419-7310 or contact the firm online.

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